A 3-stage Water Filtration System can purify the water by removing Chlorine,  impurities and sediments, making it safe to consume. WaterBerrys provide the best quality home water filtration systems, solutions, and services in Dubai.

Consuming tap water directly may not be safe, as the dirt-prone tanks where it gets stored can accumulate many impurities and chemicals, such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Chlorine, etc. Protecting yourself, your family and your children against the harmful salts or organic chemicals in water is essential to lead a healthy lifestyle. An efficient solution to install a water purification and softening system is necessary, which eliminates the dissolved impurities and sediments from water to make it safe for consumption. WaterBerrys offer 3-stage Water Filter System for your home in Dubai, which works on these grounds, to treat water efficiently and make it suitable for all household purposes.

Why do you need a Whole House Water Filtration System at Home?

Hard water consists of huge amounts of toxic chemicals and undesirable minerals. Since they don’t easily dissolve, they make soap unable to lather up, which makes washing clothes difficult. Hard water develops scum that increases the difficulty of washing clothes. Boiling hard water gives rise to heavy deposits of Nickel, Magnesium, and so on. These chemicals settle down in kettles, utensils, and water pipes. Installing a whole-house water filtration system in your home makes hard water softening smart and effective. The advanced water filtration system for villas eliminates mineral deposits, making all household purposes like washing, laundry, bathing, consumption, etc. comfortable for the users.

Advantages of Home Water Filtration System for Home

The water you and your family consumes need to be safer to consume, irrespective of its source. Contaminants can mix up with the water in many ways, and high mineral levels can also impact the taste of water. Even when the water is contaminant-free, the presence of minerals can make the processes like dishwashing, washing clothes, etc. is difficult. Installing a water filter in your home is the best way to tackle all the above-mentioned concerns. Let’s now take a glance at the benefits you can experience with a filtration system.

Get the best-tasting water
Roughly 70% of the human body comprises water, making it one of the most needed fluids to maintain health. Including more water in your diet can help you build overall health. Why don’t you experience the best taste of water? Having a whole house water filter at home lets you enjoy consuming pure water directly from the taps.

Take a healthy bath/shower
Most people connect the need for water filtration only with drinking water. However, the water in which you take a bath is also equally important and to be considered. Since your body can absorb toxic contaminants via the skin, you need to use filtered water for bathing. The presence of chemicals kike chlorine can cause skin dryness, itching and irritation due to the loss of natural oils in your body. A 3-stage water filtration system can let you reduce the chlorine levels in water to 99%, which eliminates the dry, sensitive, and itchy skin. The filtered shower system also helps you maintain the health of your skin, and hair, and prevents the effects of asthma.

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Keep your clothes long-lasting
The chemicals in water can also impact the fabric and texture of your clothes. The chemicals such as chlorine present in the water affect the clothes during laundry. Since the chemicals stick to the material while washing, these can cause colour fading in clothes. They also make the cloth fibres break eventually. The deposits of soap scum in the clothes also leave an odour that creates skin rashes and allergies. Washing clothes with filtered water is useful to keep clothes durable and avoid the quick breakdown of fibres. It removes additional soap scum and makes your clothes smell great.

Choose the Best Water Filter System for Your Home

Installing a Water Filter in your home caters to the undeniable benefits while considering the aspects like health, quality of life, wellness, etc. Our high-quality water filtration system offers customers water free from sediments, chemical additives, deposits, chlorine and other impurities.
Let it be a Whole House Water Filtration System or a common faucet filter, we consider your requirements and offer the best 3-stage water filtration systems within the budget.