Granular Activated Carbon Filters eliminate the organic chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide and chlorine which makes water taste and smell pungent. It is made using raw materials such as coal and coconut shells which contain carbon in huge quantities.

The performance of GAC Water Filter relies on manufacturing techniques, mesh size, and starting materials. With the action of the activated carbon, it can remove the chemicals which get dissolved in water and flow through the filter.

Analyzing the size and components of the GAC filters and the replacement becomes better with the awareness about the type, quantity, contaminants in water, and average water to be utilized.

How do GAC Water Filters Work?

GAC Water Filter is an efficient physical filtration medium Ideal for RO water treatment systems. The filter incorporates increased water quality protection, absorption of odor and taste compounds, chemical contaminants, etc. They effectively enhance the taste and odor of the water flowing through the filter.

The carbon filters are efficient in eliminating pollutants and metals like microbiological contaminants, lead, and water-borne pathogens in the drinking water. GAC Filter Cartridges consist of loose activated carbon granules that let water flow along easily.

Water passes through one direction of the filter and comes in contact with the carbon. The extent of contaminants GAC Filters remove depends on the quantification and type of pollution, temperature, and acidity of water and air, time in which particles and activated carbon stay in contact, etc. GAC Filters last for many years if the impurity level and water consumption are low.

However, when the water consumption and dirt level are high, the filters need frequent replacement. The activated carbon is secure to ingest and leaves no trace of carbon in drinking water after the treatment process.

Advantages of Granular Activated Carbon Filter

GAC Water Filter cartridges are utilized in RO water filtration systems to get rid of toxic organic chemicals, odor, and taste from the drinking water. These remove impurities such as chlorine present in water to add to the great taste and odor of water.

The following advantages make GAC Filters the best option for water and air filtration.

  • Uses natural materials like wood, coconut shell, etc for production
  • Low expenses and least maintenance
  • Eliminates the pungent odor of tap water
  • Improves the taste of drinking water
  • Great at filtering out organic chemicals, chlorine, and certain microorganisms
  • Minimized health hazards

Applications of GAC Filters

GAC Filters can be used at the entry point for the water filtration process of an entire house or specified point of use to cleanse water before use. Certain shower heads also consist of carbon filtration to avoid inhaling chlorine gas while in the shower. The carbon filters are an integral part of the reverse osmosis system, which are extensively used in:

  • RO Drinking water purifiers
  • Whole house water filtration system
  • Agricultural and Environmental applications
  • Air & Gas purification system
  • Commercial RO plants
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Injections

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