Polypropylene Water Filter Cartridge (PP Spun Filter Cartridge) is made using 100% polypropylene material. Being one of the most versatile media for filtration and stable with almost all industrial fluids, PP is the least reactive. These filters consist of food grade Polypropylene material, which is thermally sealed and adhesive-free. To maintain accuracy and precision in the diameter of the filter, advanced technology is used. With a high filtration capacity, these are widely considered for filtration applications across many industries.

How it Works?

PP Spun Water Filter Cartridges are composed of Polypropylene fibres, bonded together in cylindrical structure and multi-layered. As the name suggests, spun cartridge filters help the in-depth filtration of water that travels through various layers across the spun which separate solid particles. While moving along the filter medium, the impurities get deposited inside the filter pores and eventually clean water flows outside the cartridge. Polypropylene spun filter cartridges are accessible in various sizes and micron ratings. The microfibers of Polypropylene when spun together make sure that the filter performs with high efficiency.

Polypropylene Spun Filter Cartridge Features

Since PP Spun Filter Cartridges involve the thermal bonding of micro fibres, they exhibit consistent fluid flow rates. It doesn’t have any impact on odour, colour, or the taste of fluid that undergoes filtration. Polypropylene also shows high chemical resistance and is not prone to any bacterial attack. These spun filters are well-considered as pre-filters, where the fluid moves along various layers of the spun fibre. This makes the removal of algae, dust and sand efficient while also eliminating water turbidity.

The Spun Water Filters are excellent pre-filters and polishing water, which process wide particle size distribution of contaminants. The depth filtration technique also provides great control of the gelatinous contaminants. Through non-shedding, bonded medium avoids the release of trapped particles and forms a fixed pore structure. The coreless design of the self-supporting fibre matrix makes it both powerful and economical. Also, the Polypropylene filter medium enables high-end chemical compatibility.

Benefits of Polypropylene Water Filter Cartridges

The Spun Filter Cartridges maintain a consistent fluid flow rate and exhibit high efficiency in completely removing the contaminants in the depth of the filter cartridge. It removes the sediments regardless of their size and suits well with every RO filtration system. The core advantages of the PP filter cartridge include the following:

  • High filtration capacity
  • Compatibility with most chemicals
  • High rate of flow
  • Low cost and ease of installation
  • Available in different sizes
  • Eco-friendly operation
  • Applications of PP Spun Filter Cartridges

Spun Water Filter Cartridges are widely used in many RO plants suitable for chemical treatment plants, the biotech industry, Food & Beverage Industry, gas processing solvents, Pharmaceuticals Industry, water treatment plants, dairy plants, Semiconductor Manufacturing Plants, etc.

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