A Whole-House Water Filter System treats the water you use for daily household chores and activities. It manages water treatment from the main tank that stores water, to make sure that the water flowing to every fixture, gadget, and equipment stays clean and safe.

Whole House Water Filters are the major gateways to let fresh and filtered water reach you through faucets and appliances. They contribute to the removal of sediments, reducing water hardness, and preventing the odor of chlorine. The Water Filters might vary in terms of the complexity they manage, however, there will be a water filter that works to provide the right solution for whichever concern you need to resolve.

What is a Water Softener?

A Water Softener is a remedy to fight against the impact of hard water we face in everyday life. The increased concentration of minerals dissolved in water such as Magnesium and Calcium can create havoc in your home. When you have faded laundry, chalky scales on dishes, and soap scum with a shower, it means you’re using hard water. Hard water also builds scales that minimize the water pressure, clog the pipes, and affect the overall life of the appliances you use. It even harms your body, making skin itchy and dry; hair frizzy and dull altogether. A water softener for your home is certainly an investment that can save you a lot of costs on repairs and maintenance. For instance, it avoids the water heater from having deposits and dissolved sediments, helping it function efficiently got a long time.

Importance of Installing a Water Filtration System for Your Home

  • It removes chlorine, metal contaminants, and toxic chemicals from the water
  • It secures your kitchen and household appliances against deterioration
  • This is a cost-effective method to gain access to cleaner and safer water
  • Your water smells and tastes better than ever
  • Maintenance and repairs of the system are easy
  • You don’t experience skin irritation or allergies due to the elimination of chlorine in shower water
  • It protects your sheets and clothes from getting damaged due to harsh chemicals to improve durability
  • You’ll enjoy filtered water access throughout your home.

Reduced Chlorine and great-tasting water
The prime factor to notice in water is the taste which lets you easily determine whether it’s chlorinated or not. Chlorine is the major water disinfectant and used for decades to remove microorganisms and bacteria present in water. However, according to recent studies, bathing in chlorinated water causes skin allergies, dries the skin, makes hair dull, and affects health. A whole-house water filter installation minimizes the chlorine levels in the water and helps you keep your skin, hair, and health unaffected.

Build healthy and clear skin
Bathing, drinking and washing your clothes in hard water damages skin since it contains irritating water–borne contaminants. People who suffer from eczema and psoriasis, especially kids, can get highly impacted due to the dissolved impurities in the water. Water filtration systems help to eradicate all the contaminants, to provide healthier and damage-free skin.

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Save your clothes from fading
The chemicals such as Chlorine present in water can affect the clothes while you do the laundry. Since these chemicals get in touch with the material while washing, they fade the colour of the fabric. This leads to damage to clothes fibres over time. The remains of soap scum on clothes can also cause a bad odour that leads to skin irritation and allergic reactions. Since the soft water removes the excess soap scum and helps your clothes get a longer life, water filtration makes your clothes smell and feel fresh.

Avoid frequent plumbing repairs
Heavy metals, chemicals, and minerals in the unfiltered water will damage the entire plumbing system. It is not only the pipes that get affected by the hard water, but also the home appliances and the fixtures. The usage of filtered water helps you to cut down the costs of plumbing repairs. This includes the repairs for the washing machine, ice maker, water dispenser, etc.

Get High-Quality Home Water filter System in Dubai

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