Ensure Soft and purified water for your entire home. Whole House Water Purifier and Softener can get rid of all your water problems for the whole house and you can enjoy soft, purified water for shower, laundry and other household use.

The Water Softener producing soft and healthy water to whole your house. The quality of tap water that you using directly impacts badly health of your body. Whole House Water Purifier filters all incoming tap water to your home, removes all the contaminants and minerals that make it hardness and provides pure and healthy soft water, the first line of protection for your home in Dubai.

  • Safe water to brush your teeth
  • Safe water to wash fruits and vegetables
  • Less hair fall or hair damage during shower
  • Fresh, soft, and glowing skin
  • Protection from chlorine and other harmful chemicals
  • Use less soap and shampoo

Hard water comprised a high level of calcium and magnesium. The minerals in hard water cause your skin and hair cuticles to stand up, which can make your skin / hair feel rough and dry. Because soap doesn’t easily lather in hard water.  The Whole House Water Purifiers are designed to offer you perfect health by filtering all the water that comes to your villa or apartment. The Water Softener System converts hard water into soft, thereby delivering the most pristine water. Purified water keeps you a better healthy life.

Advantages of Installing a Water Softener in Your Home in Dubai

Healthy Skin & Hair
Water that is highly mineralized will dry out their skin while yours remains hydrated due to the presence of calcium or magnesium ions in water. A water softener system will get rid of all those minerals without affecting the hardness of your drinking water. This means your soft water will create fewer split ends and frizzy hair.

Reduces Lime Build-up on Plumbing Fixtures
Water that contains a high amount of minerals will produce lime scale on the inside of water heaters and dishwashers. This mineral buildup can cause rust, leaks, and an unpleasant taste in your drinking water. The benefits of installing a water softener include removing all minerals from your showering or washing water so no lime scale is left behind to cause damage.

Less Soap & Detergent Used
When you wash dishes by hand, using too much soap or detergent is unnecessary because hard water will rinse it away before it has time to react with food particles. You can immediately see the benefits of installing a home water softener system when you reduce the amount of soap used by almost 50% which saves money on groceries.

Brighter Fabrics
Hard water can reduce the cleaning power of laundry detergent. The Cleaning Institute recommends adding more laundry detergent than is suggested to help soften the water. Those who use soap to wash their clothes in hard water will notice that a soap curd can form, which will make fabrics feel stiff.

Increased lifespan of appliances
Hard water affects your Tupperware more than your health. Due to hard water, layers of calcium and magnesium eventually accumulate inside various water appliances like water heater, dispensers and shower outlets. This affects the performance of these appliances and reduces their lifespan drastically. Soft water helps in preventing the accumulation of these minerals and prevents clogging which increases their lifespan.

Water softeners only convert hard water into soft water. They do not remove other contaminants like sediment, toxic metals, chemicals and microorganisms. When a water filter like a whole house filter is fitted to the inlet of water softeners, the water treatment becomes less energy consuming and also provides ready to use soft and pure drinking water.