Ensure Soft and purified water for your entire home. Whole House Water Purifier and Softener can get rid of all your water problems in your home and you can enjoy soft, purified water for shower, laundry and other household use.

A water softener generates healthy and soft water for your entire home. Your health relies a lot upon the quality of the tap water you fetch for your daily needs. Whole House Water Purifier filters all incoming water, eliminating the toxic minerals and contaminants in it. This prevents the hardness of water and further softens it, which makes it safe to use for a healthy life. Using a water softener helps to protect your homes in Dubai with the following features:

  • Good water to brush your teeth
  • Pure water to wash fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Minimized hair damage and hair fall while taking a shower
  • Glowing, smooth, and fresh skin
  • Protection against toxic chemicals and chlorine
  • Needs less shampoo and soap

What does a water softener do?

Hard water has increased levels of minerals like Calcium and Magnesium that contribute to adverse effects on health and your skin. The minerals present in hard water keeps your skin and hair dry and rough, causing hair and skin cuticles to stand up. It is even difficult for soap to lather in hard water. Designed to offer perfect health, the Whole House Water Purifier encourages the removal of undesirable ions to filter all the water that flows to your home. The Water Softener System makes hard water to soft and pristine through the prevention of clogging up minerals in your fixtures, pipes, heaters, etc. Purified water keeps you a better healthy life.

Advantages of Installing a Water Softener in Your Home

Living with hard water in your homes is a serious concern that affects your health. A Water Softener can works against these water problems, removes hard minerals from water and brings the following benefits;

Healthy Skin and Hair
The high mineral content in water dries up the skin; however, the water softener keeps your skin glowing through the elimination of unwanted ions in water, such as Magnesium and Calcium. The soft water reduces split ends and the frizziness of your hair.

Reduces the Build-ups in Fixtures
The presence of minerals in an increased amount produces limescale in the water heaters, cooler, coffee machine, dishwashers etc. This build-up causes leaks, rust, and an unpleasant taste in the water you consume. Installing a Water Softener System can eliminates the minerals from washing, showering, and drinking water, with no more lime scale that damages the plumbing fixtures.

Less Detergent and Soap Used
Using more soap and detergent is not desirable when you wash dishes with your hand. However, hard water rinses the soap away even before they act on the food particles, which forces you to use more detergent/soap. Installing a Water Softener System lets you reduce the use of soap that enable cost-savings in terms of grocery purchase.

Bright and Durable Fabrics
Hard water minimizes the cleaning ability of laundry detergents. Including more laundry detergent to enable water softening is not an ideal method, since you need to spend a lot on detergents. But, the soft water makes fabrics look more bright, uses less detergent and keeps the clothes shining.

Improved Lifespan of the Appliances
Hard water usage impacts the appliances and hinders their durability. The hard water creates layers of Magnesium and Calcium that accumulate in your water appliances like dispensers, geysers, shower outlets, etc. This affects the performance of the appliances and cuts down the lifespan of the systems. Soft Water prevents the accumulation of such materials and avoids clogging, contributing to the lifespan.

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